Rebuild Capabilities Save Flawed Machines, Money


A large manufacturer had just purchased new machines for their facility. However, after installing the machines, they noticed that some of the parts on these machines were exhibiting excessive wear, indicating the machines themselves may have been manufactured with flaws.

For a period of time, the manufacturer elected to repair the damaged parts month after month, but soon noticed that the cost to maintain these machines would soon eclipse their worth.  

The client then contacted Alaark to see if there was a viable solution that would momentarily help reduce the cost on machining replacement parts, and hoped that eventually Alaark would be able to assess the comprehensive problem in order to correct what was flawed.


Initially, Alaark engineers studied the worn parts and used reverse engineering to devise a way to machine the parts at half the cost to the client. As a timely, cost-effective solution, this alleviated the problem temporarily, but the client was also planning for the long-term.

That being the case, an Alaark engineer visited the client’s factory to spend time learning the machines that were experiencing problems. In a short amount of time, the engineer had drafted a solution involving adjustments to the machines that solved the excessive wearing of the parts. The total cost for the entire project, including the retrofitting of the machines with new parts, came to the exact amount the client was previously paying per month to maintain the faulty machines.

“We wanted to thank you and let you know that we were amazed that you would go out of your way to come up with a solution that would save us money knowing it potentially would cost you money in the parts that you were making for us. We want you to know that this honesty and problem solving will keep Alaark at the top of our list when problems arise.”

– comments from the client


• Rebuilt parts at half the cost to the client
• Significant reduction in the monthly upkeep cost for machines
• Outstanding customer service resulting in high customer satisfaction